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Monday, May 09, 2005

Evolution revisited

So what's the deal with Kansas? The issue of evolution in public schools. Hasn't this been addressed already?

Now scientists are boycotting these hearings that are supposed to determine how evolution should be "treated" (note not "taught") in public schools. They believe the hearings are rigged against evolution, and it sure sounds that way. It's supposed to be a moral discussion of evolution vs. "intelligent design" theory. "intelligent design" theory is apparently the belief that evolution is impossible because the universe is too complicated, and people were created by a higher power.

Call me crazy, but isn't "intelligent design" theory just a new wording for creationism? Have religious leaders and conservatives given creationism a new name just to make it cooler and new so they have the opportunity to stop evolution from being taught at all since they lost last time?

Unless of course "intelligent design" theory doesn't imply God as such, but implies a different higher intelligence. Uhhh...hmm. Somehow this seems less likely.

Now I'm not saying I think 100% evolution and 0% creationism. I would say the two are related in some way. But it sure sounds like Kansas is trying to get evolution banned from public schools. For shame!

Kansas board of education's mom!


  • I think there are a few differnt viewpoints for the whole "intelligent design" concept. CJ is of the God put a plan in motion and decided to see what would happen types. God in this case being some sort of power or whatever we don't really understand. I think the Kansas people however are more of the old white guy in robes view of God.

    Really doesn't matter though. I think science should be taught in schools - not religion.

    You know there is a book called "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

    By Blogger Emily, at 6:14 AM  

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