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Sunday, May 01, 2005

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So as I sit here struggling for something to do, I figure I'll talk about politics.

Oh wait, no I won't.

In fact, that's not allowed. Except for the following statement: Bush is an idiot, and the Christian right wing is messed up and scary.

The Simpsons was pretty good tonight, both episodes. Though Ray Romano normally I find to be annoying and exceedingly unfunny (does anyone under 60 find "Everyone Loves Raymond" funny?), just his voice was semi-tolerable. And there was some actual interesting plot this time, which was nice. Usually that matters not to me though.

Why is it that people find Seinfeld so funny? His stand up is laughably bad. The show is absolutely one of the most unfunny shows ever created. I've been forced into watching this excuse-for-a-show about five times, and I laughed ONCE. Is that what qualifies for funny? Some guy walking into a room and saying "Hello, Newman"? And this show is on practically every half hour of every day, even on two different channels at once sometimes! Oh woe is me!


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