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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Metroid Prime 2

Righto-o so I have a Gamecube which doesn't get played very constantly, but on occasion gets played like crazy. These days it's Metroid Prime 2.

I was pretty good at the original Metroid Prime. 100% items and could beat almost every boss without losing an energy tank (exceptions being Metroid Prime herself and the Omega Pirate). I got to Metroid Prime in hard mode, but never got around to trying to beat it.

Therefore, I figured Metroid Prime 2 would be somewhat similar. Not the case. This game is much much harder. It was only "harder" until the boost guardian, who guards the boost ball. That is where the "much much" came from.

Honestly, one of the most frustrating bosses I've ever faced. I died a few times. Then I read all the FAQs I could and still died another bunch of times. About the eighth try I finally beat it.

He has "solid" mode, boost ball mode and puddle mode. You can only hurt him in solid mode. When he's in boost ball mode, ouch AND he's invincible, and when he's in puddle mode you have to bomb him until he goes into solid mode.

The FAQs all said to bomb him when he's in puddle mode; he'll change into solid mode, where you can hit him with one or two charged light beam shots/super missles before he goes into a puddle/boost ball.

The problem?

Once he becomes solid, he goes back into a puddle BEFORE your gun is done charging! How are you supposed to get TWO charged shots off when you can't even fully charge once?? That's what sucked. In the end, I had to kill him with single light beam shots, which took forever.

In any case, I'm into the Luminoth Sanctuary now and doing fine. The Spider Guardian was seriously one of the strangest "boss"es I've ever seen.


  • That's why I could never get into video games. It just seems like too much work with no real product to me. Plus I have the shortest attention span - I sort of drift off usually. CJ hates playing most video games with me for those reasons.

    By Blogger Emily, at 5:26 PM  

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