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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Being a guy who likes to mix dance music for my own enjoyment, I don't buy CDs. It's the sweet crackling of vinyl that I enjoy. Though many people think I'm nuts for paying $15-$20 for a single mix of a song on vinyl that one could get along with ten other songs on a CD for the same price. "Eh" I reply.

Since the music I'm most into is Oakenfold Essential Mixes from 1999, I tend to try to collect those songs most often. Unfortunately, most vinyl singles tend to only be in print for 6 months maybe, then only second hand copies can be found. As such, trying to find a single pressed in 1999 for a reasonable price and in decent condition can be a frustrating experience. A number of web sites make it easier, like ebay and gemm.com, but still.

Add to the fact that a number of the better songs were never released, only promoed. Thus there are only a few hundred in existence. Here are songs I will possibly never find, or only find for $50+:

1. "teamProgress-Symphonic Music (Sunrise Mix)"...only 500 ever made, last one sold on ebay for $300.

2. "Mox Epoque-I Feel My...(Extended Vocal Mix)" only seen for more than $60.

3. "Breeder-Sputnik (NYFM Mix)" saw for $30 once, but didn't get it. White label only.

Wah wah. Enough of this musical ranting.


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