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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well NStar is on strike right now in MA, and in a very tangential way it's affecting me. Normally I flip by the local news and nothing that's said there ever effects me in any way. Part of that is due to so many pointless human interest stories probably, but finally one has some trivial impact on me.

Coming in to work today, I go to turn left into the entrance, and there's a herd of protestors with NStar signs. It was probably about five people strong. "A small but loyal group", I thought.

Just minutes ago I left briefly and saw a much larger herd, about 15 protestors, just standing in the entrance to the office park. Also a police car had stopped and two cops in orange crossing-guard-esque attire attempted to keep them at bay.

Thus when I returned, I was a bit confused how I would convince them to move out the way. Thankfully, most of the herd moved over automatically so I didn't risk running them over, but one of them casually stood there for a minute, then meandered out of the way.

The whole strike thing in a case like this confuses me. I personally didn't feel compelled to hate NStar, I was annoyed at the workers for being in the way. I guess it's how they get their story out, and to garner support.

It was kind of like watching cattle grazing. Staring blankly, then slowly moving around when necessary. I could almost hear the "moo"s.


  • So what is the reason that they are striking?

    I read something about it but I don't think I know the details. Something about benefits and safety conditions?

    Of course, all this reminds me of the need for a universal healthcare program of some sort in this country. I think a lot of big corporations are actually coming around to the idea as well bc it's getting insanely expensive to provide benefits to workers. However, it's also insanely expensive to have independent insurance apart from your workplace (as you and I well know).

    It seems increasingly benefits are a big issue with strikers.

    Anyway, I could seriously go on about this for a long time. I think my biggest worry is that someone like you only stopped to think "How annoying".
    As for the cattle like mooing as people stand around - any kind of protest that's not organized well can dissolve into that. I've been to a few too many myself.

    By Blogger Emily, at 6:50 AM  

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