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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In the Groove

I have been fortunate enough to discover something that is beyond "pretty good", better than "decent", and puts "alright" to shame! In reality, what I have found is the newest ripoff of Dance Dance Revolution ("DDR"), but I mean "ripoff" in the most amazing possible sense.

DDR has been my only source of exercise for the last three years (unfortunately typing and moving a computer mouse don't up the heartrate), and I've enjoyed it greatly. My complaint has always been it's mostly blah music. For most people, the music is fine, they enjoy it and so on. But for me, a progressive house/trance fan, the music has not been not so good. DDR is full of cheesy stuff, ESPECIALLY DDR Max 2. There are some high points, mostly on Japanese mixes ("bag" comes to mind), so it's not all bad.

Enter "In The Groove". I saw it at Best Buy and said, "eh why not". It is made by RedOctane after all, a company which produces the amazingly high quality Ignition Pad. It came home with me and I started it up. The first song in the list was a rock-esque song..."Here we go again", I thought. But then I played some more...and more...and more...and finally stopped when I could hardly move and was feeling a bit natious.

It's almost ALL electronic music! Track after track with a heavy house beat and various synths thrown in, with a few decent hip hop tracks too! The songs are much longer (another complaint about DDR) with more steps, and harder. I passed two different songs in particular that had over 520 steps! And one of those had a harder skill level than that with 800 some odd steps.

Plus it's got a ton of modifiers, an insane marathon mode, and battle mode. There are already rumors about "In the Groove 2", and I'll be picking that up for sure.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Another random quote watching an episode of Alf. It's the second episode actually, where they rent an RV and drive out into the woods.

"When I get bored, I eat vowels"

Monday, June 20, 2005

Saddam and his Cheetos

No comments here, just a line taken from an Associated Press article on Saddam Hussein while incarcerated:

"For a time his favorite food was Cheetos, and when those ran out, Saddam would 'get grumpy,'".

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hyperbole and Therapy

Recently I've seen a few funny things on tv. First off, the whole Michael Jackson crap. Clearly it is impossible to convict a rich celebrity. On that note though, I flipped by CNBC or one of those news channels, and some laywer was being interviewed about the whole case. He said, "We have to ignore the use of hyperbowl in this case". Two sentences later, "hyperbowl" again. He actually meant "hyperbole", pronounced "hyperbolee". I was stunned a man being interviewed for his intelligence twice mispronouncing a word like that.

Then there's Alex Rodriguez. He was Sportscenter's "Sunday Conversation" a few weeks ago, and most certainly said, "Therapy is very theraputic". Thanks A-rod! I can't blame him too much though, it seems most sports figures have problems like that (Shaq!!). And he's probably still upset over his cheap shot on Bronson Arroyo in the ALCS last year.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The fate of dinosaurs

I recently found an interesting new theory behind the fate of the dinosaurs. Asteroid collision? Nope. Ice age? Try again. Disease? Not even close. Attacking Noah's ark? YES!

Apparently, dinosaurs were influenced by evil angels to attack Noah's Ark as the flood began. Who would have thunk it? At least we know the truth now!

I will keep this brief because the page itself is better than anything else I could write here.

See it here.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Turtle Bump

I'm driving to work today in the right lane on a three lane highway, about 8:45am, and so there is a pretty fair amount of traffic. I'm following a small mobile home, which abruptly swerves violently, then resumes it's course. "How odd", thought I. Suddenly I saw why the swerve was necessary...a large turtle was merrily plodding along through the right lane. It was directly where the right set of tires normally travels. I was able to violently turn away at the last moment and miss it, thankfully. The car behind me then actually drove OVER the turtle, but the wheels missed it, leavnig it unharmed for the moment. Not sure how it's doing now though.

This was a sizable turtle too, not those 3 inch diameter ones which are illegal (supposedly because some people tend to "accidently" try to swallow them and choke), but a good 8 inches maybe and at least a few inches high.

This brings about an interesting question on turtle related physics. Would you be in danger if you hit a turtle that size with a car? Certainly hitting a squirrel wouldn't mean much (no offense to squirrel people) to endanger oneself, but a turtle...I'm guessing you might have a problem, especially at 75 mph.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Macs using Intel chips?

Oooookkkk....Apple has announced today that they're switching from IBM to Intel to produce their processors. This implies that eventually even high end Macs will be using Intel chips, which is an insanely dangerous move.

The biggest problem is the whole instruction set issue. Computer software is based on a simple set of instructions, which the CPU knows how to handle. IBM chips have a different instruction set than what PCs use these days (x86, via AMD or Intel). This means ALL mac software is going to have to be ported over to a new instruction set, x86 or other. By "all", this does not just mean interactive programs like SimpleText, or games like the Escape Velocity series (great games by the way). All the drivers, the firmware, the bioi (plural of bios?), and libraries that contain simple memory handling functions will have to be changed. Everything. Though it is true that a fair amount of the same code could be used, since some stuff written in C++ (for example) can simply be recompiled.

This also bothers me because I'm an AMD guy. AMD is a far more respectable company than Intel (can someone say "1.0GHz barrier"?), and manufactures faster processors for much less money. The Intel and Apple partnership just gives Intel more of an undeserved stranglehold over the market.

I must admit, though, this could be an intriguing development. Imagine using OSX, then deciding you wanted to play some games in XP. Easy! Reboot into XP! That's right, if Apple decides to go with x86 instructions, this dual boot XP-OSX scenario might be a reality. No more OS emulation.

It seems this could be either a total disaster, on the scale of Apple going dead, or a positive influence where Apple breaks into the Windows dominated market.

NOTE: I was a mac guy for 10 years, but during the last 10 years I've been a PC guy. This post sounds kind of pro-mac, which I don't object to.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


I am one to occasionally partake in the stereo-opticon images of the sky at night. Galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and the northern lights. Living in MA, one is not often granted much of a display of said lights. In fact, I had never seen them in MA until last fall, as I laid down to go to sleep around 1:30am. Luckily, my window faces northwest, and I saw what looked like moving distant fog outside.

Dashing down the stairs (freaking out my guinea pigs en route), I grabbed my digital camera and tripod and was treated to an amazing display. They were bright enough to see a little green color with the naked eye, but the camera brought out all sorts of color. To see the best few of my pictures, go here.

The craziest thing about the display was that it moves so much. Waves of light pulsate across the sky, it was truely insane. It's a good reason to want to move way up north.