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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In the Groove

I have been fortunate enough to discover something that is beyond "pretty good", better than "decent", and puts "alright" to shame! In reality, what I have found is the newest ripoff of Dance Dance Revolution ("DDR"), but I mean "ripoff" in the most amazing possible sense.

DDR has been my only source of exercise for the last three years (unfortunately typing and moving a computer mouse don't up the heartrate), and I've enjoyed it greatly. My complaint has always been it's mostly blah music. For most people, the music is fine, they enjoy it and so on. But for me, a progressive house/trance fan, the music has not been not so good. DDR is full of cheesy stuff, ESPECIALLY DDR Max 2. There are some high points, mostly on Japanese mixes ("bag" comes to mind), so it's not all bad.

Enter "In The Groove". I saw it at Best Buy and said, "eh why not". It is made by RedOctane after all, a company which produces the amazingly high quality Ignition Pad. It came home with me and I started it up. The first song in the list was a rock-esque song..."Here we go again", I thought. But then I played some more...and more...and more...and finally stopped when I could hardly move and was feeling a bit natious.

It's almost ALL electronic music! Track after track with a heavy house beat and various synths thrown in, with a few decent hip hop tracks too! The songs are much longer (another complaint about DDR) with more steps, and harder. I passed two different songs in particular that had over 520 steps! And one of those had a harder skill level than that with 800 some odd steps.

Plus it's got a ton of modifiers, an insane marathon mode, and battle mode. There are already rumors about "In the Groove 2", and I'll be picking that up for sure.


  • Ok, so I checked out the game online. I even listened to some of the songs (they have samples at their website www.roxorgames.com). This game gets my never-played-it-but-looks-cool approval. For what it's worth. I mean, it's a dance game made by dance game fans for dance game fans, how could it be bad?

    By Blogger CJ, at 2:34 PM  

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