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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Turtle Bump

I'm driving to work today in the right lane on a three lane highway, about 8:45am, and so there is a pretty fair amount of traffic. I'm following a small mobile home, which abruptly swerves violently, then resumes it's course. "How odd", thought I. Suddenly I saw why the swerve was necessary...a large turtle was merrily plodding along through the right lane. It was directly where the right set of tires normally travels. I was able to violently turn away at the last moment and miss it, thankfully. The car behind me then actually drove OVER the turtle, but the wheels missed it, leavnig it unharmed for the moment. Not sure how it's doing now though.

This was a sizable turtle too, not those 3 inch diameter ones which are illegal (supposedly because some people tend to "accidently" try to swallow them and choke), but a good 8 inches maybe and at least a few inches high.

This brings about an interesting question on turtle related physics. Would you be in danger if you hit a turtle that size with a car? Certainly hitting a squirrel wouldn't mean much (no offense to squirrel people) to endanger oneself, but a turtle...I'm guessing you might have a problem, especially at 75 mph.


  • I would guess it would depend on the car and the speed.

    Oddly enough, Emily and I came across a turtle trying to cross the street the other day. We pulled over and watched him, contemplating on whether to save him or not. He then decided to turn around and go back from whence he came. He was a big sucker, too. About the size of the turtle you saw, now that I think about it.

    By Blogger CJ, at 5:39 PM  

  • Yeah -

    CJ has a crazy sense of size. The turtle we saw was a huge monster. He was closer to a foot long (maybe bigger) and at least six inches high (again I think it was actually more). Part of my reluctance to get out and move him was that he was so freakin' huge. I was trying to remember if they have snapping turtles around here bc if they do and this guy was one then i could have lost parts of me.

    By Blogger Emily, at 4:53 PM  

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