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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Home Run Derby

I've never been a big fan of Chris Berman. His home run commentary has always been annoying. "Back back back back...GONE!" is not the problem, but it's the way he says it, with such overemphasis. Someone clearly hits a 500+ foot home run, and he attempts to put drama into it with that phrase.

Last night I shuddered continuously as he not only did that, but added a phrase onto the end. The All Star Game this year is in Detroit. Fine. But almost every time someone hit a ball, you'd hear:

"It's back back back...baaaccckkk...GONE!...ALL THE WAY TO...[insert local city here]".

I wouldn't be surprised if he had a list of cities around Detroit in front of him, that he would refer to when a home run was hit. If it looked like a home run, he'd go to the next city on the list and end that phrasing with it.

Thus Chris Berman is really annoying me right now. That adds to his normal annoyance since he has that football equivalent: "He could go ALL...THE...WAY". Since I hate football with a glowing ember-like passion, that makes it even worse.

I mean, I understand having a catch phrase, but his are just painful.


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